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Where to meet?

Mothers Beach/Marine Park is off 2nd street along Appian Way.


From Pacific Coast Hwy take the Appian Way off-ramp (right) from the Davies Bridge. Mother’s Beach will be directly in front of you when you get to the stop sign to Appian Way.  AeroDragons gather at the far side of the grassy area close to the south restrooms by the Davies Bridge.



On Saturdays and Sundays please use the Marina Parking Lot past the Boy Scout building. To get there make a right from the off-ramp, go under and past the Davies Bridge and you will see the parking lot on the left side. From there you will have to walk to Mother’s Beach.

Another option is metered parking ($.25/15 mins) directly adjacent to Mother's Beach. You can also pay for parking digitally through the Passport parking app - Mother's Beach is Zone 9371.


On Wednesdays it is okay to park in Mother’s Beach metered parking lot (adjacent Mothers Beach). It is free after 6pm.


A map of the area with arrows drawn is attached for your convenience. You can also google 5839 E. Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90803 for directions.


What to Bring?


Before you go:  Please visit the two links below and fill out these online waivers.


These are waivers to two separate organizations (both mandatory). The first and second one are for Southern California Dragon Boat Club and the third one is for the Aerodragons.  Please make sure you click on each link to generate separate waivers and IDs for registration.  Should you have any questions or issues with the waivers, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.


What to wear?

  • Footwear – Sandals or flip flops will do while you are on the beach. On the boat you can wear water shoes or go barefoot.

  • Clothing – Swim shorts and T-Shirt. Long sleeve sportswear and tights are good for cold weather.

  • Visors, hats, and sunglasses are optional for sun protection but certain types can prevent you from paddling in the correct form.


Miscellaneous Items?

  • Sunscreen

  • Satchel or small bag to keep personal items in. Try not to bring valuables to the beach and please leave them in your car.


Hydration – water or preferred sports drink


Paddling Gear?

Owning your own paddling gear is a requirement if you decide to become a member. The items our paddlers usually purchase are paddles and U.S. Coast guard-approved PFD’s (personal floatation device).



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